Custom Scrapbooks

I am NO longer doing Custom Scrapbooks...

 Want a Scrapbook, but just don’t have the time? Let me put together a fabulous Custom Scrapbook for you and your family!

You can choose all of the details, so the album is designed just the way you want it, or I would be happy to design the album for you. Don’t leave all of those pictures and memorabilia in boxes under your bed or stuffed away in the closet. Let me create a one-of-a-kind album just for you and your family.

I have been scrapbooking for more than eighteen years. I know which products are archivally safe, and the best way to build an album. I test out the latest techniques on my personal albums, so you can be sure your scrapbook will be top quality and contain the latest techniques.

Need to see examples? You can check out my personal albums by stopping by My Home Scrapbook Store or the Photo Gallery on my Website.

Wedding, Anniversary, Baby Shower, Baby, Birthday, School, **great for Teachers end of year gift, (an album with a picture of each student, any parties, field trips and special projects during the year) Graduation, Boy or Girl Scouts, Sports, Vacations, Home Improvements or New Home, Heritage, Military, Retirement, and Grandparents brag books.

Fill out the Custom Scrapbook Form with your information. If you were recommened by a friend for this service please indicate that in the comment section of the form. They will receive a $25.00 Gift Certificate if you choose a Basic or Standard Album and a $50.00 Gift Certificate for an Elite Album to my Store or Website once you have signed up for a Custom Scrapbook!

I will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your album in more detail.

If you would like to proceed, a deposit is required upon shipment of pictures. The deposit is $100.00 for Elite Albums, and $50.00 for Standard and Basic Albums. It will be applied to your total cost once the album is complete.

Organize your photos, noting those you would like showcased or highlighted. If you prefer, I can also help you organize your photos and memorabilia, offering suggestions on the format of the album.

Once I have your pictures and design preferences in hand, and the deposit clears, I can begin creation of your album.

Contact me anytime to see how things are going.

When your album is complete, I will contact you with the final cost.

When payment is finalized, your scrapbook is done!

I have come up with a proposal for a School Album at the end of each school year for each teacher. This kit includes the following:

One 8x8 gift wrapped album that comes with 10 sheets/20 pages top loading page protectors. Additional pages can be added as necessary for an extra cost up to 40 pages total. I currently have three very cute school albums to choose from.

All papers, stickers, die cuts and 3-D embellishments

A homemade card signed by every student

Picking up pictures when necessary

Labor and Delivery of finished album

I can bring Kenny’s (my son) album to show as an example of what my talents are. Kenny’s album is 8 1/2 x 11 but it definitely gives people an idea of what scrapbooking is for those who may not know.

I anticipate each page with two student pictures. I am sure there will be parties consisting of at least Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas and the occasional birthday party. Along with field trips, sporting events and special projects throughout the year. The Custom Scrapbook will easily be 40 pages! I can even incorporate ticket stubs, pamphlets from field trips or any other memorabilia. As my time allows I can even take pictures if necessary.

The way I see this is each child usually spends at least $10.00 to $15.00 for a gift for their teacher at the end of the year. Class sizes are around 25-30 kids per class these days. This is truly a unique teacher’s gift that will be enjoyed for years to come. All the products I use are acid and lignin free.

COST:              $300.00-10 sheets/20 pages (includes picking up pictures when necessary, homemade card and delivering the album)
                         $12.00- each additional page.
LEAD TIME:    Up to one-two months per album. Rush jobs with less than one month time frame will be an additional charge.