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If you were recommened by a friend for this service please indicate here. They will receive a $25.00 Gift Certificate if you choose a Basic or Standard Album and a $50.00 Gift Certificate for an Elite Album to my Store or Website once you have signed up for a Custom Scrapbook!

I guarantee the quality of the album and your satisfaction with each layout. If you are unhappy with any part of your album, I will make the alternations required to meet your satisfaction. 

Be sure you have a duplicate copy of the photos you send for scrapbooking.
For theme albums, I recommend using a consistent format for the entire album. This includes choosing several key paper colors and a couple of your favorite embellishments, such as eyelets, brads, buttons, tokens, ribbons, etc.

There are three sizes of albums to choose from, during my FREE consultation, we can decide which size is best for you. If you would like to help create your album there is a fee per hour (depending on the size album and package you choose) plus supplies used. I offer three packages to fit your needs:

Basic package – includes matting of all pictures, and cropping only.
8 x 8 – Small $12.00 per single sided page
8 1/2 x 11 – Medium $14.00 per single sided page
12 x 12 – Large $20.00 per single sided page

Standard package – includes matting of all pictures, die cuts, stickers, titles, borders and cropping.
8 x 8 – Small $14.00 per single sided page
8 1/2 x 11 – Medium $16.00 per single sided page
12 x 12 – Large $22.00 per single sided page

Elite package – includes everything from the standard package plus eyelets, brads, ribbon, embellishments, beads, wiring pretty much everything!
8 x 8 – Small $16.00 per single sided page
8 1/2 x 11 – Medium $18.00 per single sided page
12 x 12 – Large $24.00 per single sided page
Album for Teachers – I have come up with a proposal for a School Album at the end of each school year for each teacher. This kit includes the following:
COST:            $300.00-10 sheet/20 pages (includes picking up pictures when necessary, homemade card and delivering the 8 x 8 album)
                       $12.00 each additional page
LEAD TIME:   Between two weeks to a month per album

One 8 x 8 gift wrapped album that comes with 10 sheets/20 pages top loading page protectors. Additional pages can be added as necessary for an extra cost up to 40 pages total. I currently have three very cute school albums to choose from.

All papers, stickers, die cuts and 3-D embellishments   

A homemade card signed by every student

Picking up pictures when necessary

Labor and Delivery of finished album

I can bring Kenny’s (my son) album to show as an example of what my talents are. Kenny’s album is 8 1/2 x 11 but it definitely gives people an idea of what scrapbooking is for those who may not know.

I anticipate each page with two student pictures. I am sure there will be parties consisting of at least Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas and the occasional birthday party. Along with field trips, sporting events and special projects throughout the year. The Custom Scrapbook will easily be 40 pages! I can even incorporate ticket stubs, pamphlets from field trips or any other memorabilia. As my time allows I can even take pictures if necessary.

The way I see this is each child usually spends at least $10.00 to $15.00 for a gift for their teacher at the end of the year.
Class sizes are around 25-30 kids per class these days. This is truly a unique teacher’s gift that will be enjoyed for years to come. All the products I use are acid and lignin free.

Archival Spray is .99 per document.

Small albums hold about 1-2 pictures per page and these albums are usually perfect for a gift album (shower, birthday, graduation, pets, and especially grandparents brag books, etc.) but are generally too small if you have lots of pictures you would like included.

Medium albums hold about 2-4 pictures per page and these albums are great if you don’t have too many pictures and you know exactly what pictures you want used. These make great holiday, small vacation, honeymoon, and gift albums.

Large albums hold about 4-6 pictures per page and these albums are great if you have lots of pictures you would like included in your album so they are actually your best buy because you can fit the most pictures per page. These are great for wedding, baby, travel and everyday albums.

Keep in mind, the cost for each page to me is anywhere from $4 to $15, and each page can take anywhere from 1-4 hours depending on the complexity.

These prices do not include an album. Generally, albums range from $10 to $40 depending on size and quality. I like to use the higher quality albums like American Traditional Designs because they last longer and can take more wear and tear than some of the less expensive albums. If you like using a lot of 3D embellishments the page protectors of the ATD albums are designed to accommodate this. This decision is, of course, entirely up to you. I will purchase the album for you, or if you prefer to send me an album you have picked out yourself, that could be arranged also.

All pages are custom designed around your pictures. I do not use templates to make your pages because I feel that each page should be unique for each customer because each person’s pictures tell a different story.

All pages are made with acid & lignin free paper, materials and are covered with page protectors. Journaling is extra if you would like this included in your scrapbook. Cost is $0.50 per page. This can be discussed during our consultation. All my journaling is computer generated. If you choose, I can leave journaling boxes for you to do when you receive your album. I will include an acid free black pen if you choose to do this. This is often a little difficult because I do not know how big to make each journal box, because I won’t know how much you are going to write, but again, the decision is yours.

Shipping and insurance is not included.

Prices are subject to change by My Home Scrapbook Store.


Acid-free papers and products are those with a pH balance of 7.0 or above, meaning that most of the acid normally present in the product has been removed. Acid is used in paper manufacturing to break apart the wood fibers and lignin which hold the wood fibers together. The acid in paper may react chemically with photos of memorabilia to accelerate their deterioration. It’s important to ensure your scrapbook and photo albums, papers, adhesive, etc. is acid free.

Adhesive is the glue or tape used to hold the elements of a scrapbook page together. Be sure to use safe adhesives when creating your layouts, such as those that are acid free. I also recommend avoiding rubber cements, as they are not long lasting.

Archival commonly implies permanence, durability or chemically stability, indicating it can be used for preservation purposes. However, there is not a set standard for archival quality, and some companies may take advantage of the word in labeling their products to appeal to the scrapbooking market. It’s important that you use quality materials in your albums and scrapbooks to ensure they are safe and long lasting.

Buffered indicates the addition of an alkaline (base) reserve to a material to control the pH over an extended period of time. Buffered is commonly used in paper manufacturing to identify that an alkaline filler has been added during the paper making process to offset the acid in the paper or any that is comes into contact with later. Buffering is also used in some adhesives to control the pH.

Dye is a soluble substance used to color ink, paper and fabric. Dyes are generally less stable over the long term than pigments, but there is usually a greater color variety available.

A layout is another term for a scrapbook page, It sometimes consists of two side by side pages with a coordinating design.

Lignin is the bonding element in plants that gives them strength and rigidity. Lignin remaining in a finished paper product causes it to become yellow and brittle when exposed to heat, light and humidity. Newspapers are a good example. Papers with lignin that touch photos can cause staining, fading or spotting.

To be considered lignin free, paper can contain a maximum of 1% lignin.

PH is a measurement that indicates the degree of acid or base found in a material. On a scale from 0-14, pH 7.0 is neutral. Above 7.0 is a basic (acid-free or base), and below 7.0 is acidic.

Photographic Activity Test (PAT)
The PAT is the most common and reliable test used to predict harmful and chemical interactions between scrapbooking materials and photographic images. The PAT is only one of the several tests used to determine if a material is safe for use with photos. Other tests, such as pH, may be needed.

Photo safe
Photo-safe commonly implies a product’s non-reactivity with photographic images; however, there is not a set standard for photo-safeness. Currently, the only test available that tests some of the possible chemical interactions that can occur with photographic materials is the Photographic Activity Test (PAT). Yet this test does not indicate that a material is completely photo safe.

Pigment is a non water soluble substance used to color ink, paper and fabrics. Pigments are generally more stable than dyes. However, there are not as many color selections using pigments, as dyes.

Polypropylene is a clear, flexible, chemically-stable plastic used in the manufacturing of preservation products, such as scrapbook page protectors.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
PVD, also known as vinyl, is a plastic that may exclude politicizes or emit corrosive and acidic hydrogen-chloride gas. PVC is often identifiable by its strong plastic odor. Page protectors, binding, photo enclosures, corners or any other products made from vinyl should never be used with photographs or in scrapbooks.

For additional definitions regarding scrapbook preservations, visit the Scrapbook Preservation Society’s terminology definitions.